Pam Thomas



All he needs now is his Swing seat and rope.


‘Lock Down’ fired well, I am pleased with results.

 ‘The Cello Player’ I am not sure about the bow re-thinking it.


     Raw clay Sculpture ‘Lock Down’

    Raw clay Sculpture ‘The Cello Player’

hope you can see is an Angel. Print, crayon and ink. 18/5/2020


I took a print from wet paint. I saw these Sail Ships and added crayon and ink. 18/5/2020


A Yellow Rose                                             River with Trees 18/5/2020

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Sketches from ‘Life Drawing Live’ Chanel 4 on the 12th May. pencil in sketch book.


Young Badger cub from previous garden    Live sketch about 1992


Sow Badger We named her Scar as she had          Boar Badger We named him Mr Hoover as he      scar on her face                                                      hoovered  most of the food up                                                        



Sliver Birch 17th Apr 2020