Neil Prior

“Barney and Frank Pug” Oil on canvas.


“Alfie” in oil

Chocolate Labrador

After Vermeer’s “Girl with the Pearl Earring”.

Buddy the mongrel 30 x 40cm Oil on Canvas

“Stirling” Newfoundland


Guardian of Light and Hope

“Hope in the Darkness”, Oil on canvas

“Ascent” wood carving approx 30cm in length x 25cm height

 ‘Up to His Knees’ Grey Heron oil on linen canvas

“Tawney Owl” Wood Sculpture

 Fantastic photos.

 ‘Bella the Staffy’ oil on linen canvas 30 cm x 40 cm

 ‘Freedom’ Oil on Canvas 100 cm x 30 cm

 Polly the Cavapoochon                                              (Oils on Linen Canvas 40cm x 30cm)

Lilly ‘The Hero’ (Springer Spaniel).Oil on linen canvas 30cm x 40cm                                          Painted for an NHS worker (Doctor) from Liverpool area as part of the Portraitsfornhsheroes advertised on Instagram by Tom Croft Artist for artists to offer free portraits to NHS workers.

 Hugo the Chocolate Labrador. Oil on canvas 20 x 16 inches.